Use Mail-Grab to extract email addresses from your Mail Application or text files. Filter the set removing what you don't want, then create a message and get Mail-Grab to generate your emails for you.

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System Requirement:
10.5 or better
This can all be achieved in a few easy steps.
  • You extract email addresses either from your Mail application, or from text files.   2  
  • Then you can filter this set by removing what is in the filter field or only keeping those that are common to both field.   3  
  • Once you have your addresses, write our your message   1    and setup how you want your emails to be created.   4    Select how many addresses to be included for each message, and which field the addresses are to be added to.
  • Then simply press "Create" for Mail-Grab to get Mail to generate the emails. Once created, you can check them in Mail and see if you are satisfied before sending them out.

  • NOTE:  You can also save your content in order to use it at a later date, Print it, so you can study it more comfortably, or even Export it so you can use it with other applications.   ●  
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